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    Greek Life Blog

    Say Hello to Max

    Say Hello to Max

    If you've followed Campus Classics long, chances are you've seen a good-natured golden retriever gracing our social media, catalogs, and t-shirts. That's Max, the best office mate and all around morale booster! We've documented Max's typical day, wondering for ourselves what our favorite coworker does with his time.

    Max is a punctual employee, but that's what happens when your mom, the Campus Classics president, has to drive you to work. When he arrives, he's quick to give each person a hello and get a belly rub before he starts his day. After that, he's onto his favorite part of the day - his daily treat! Well, half a treat now, Max is watching his figure. 

    Then onto the next daily to-do: morning meetings! While he tries to be attentive, inevitably, the excitement of the morning has worn off by that point and he tends to nap through most of the discussion. 

    For the rest of the day, Max splits his time between modeling and networking among the employees. Max has been the inspiration for our retriever collection and is a social media star, featured every Monday on our Instagram #MaxMonday stories.

    We hope you enjoyed this insight into our favorite coworker's day! Follow @campusclassics to see more of Max! 


    Let's Talk About Custom

    Let's Talk About Custom
    When it comes to buying clothes, we all love to have a good go-to. You know how the clothes fit, what to expect in prices, and can depend on a standard of quality. Since Campus Classics started back in 1989, we’ve become a go-to in the Greek apparel market with a loyal customer base. We’ve been mastering our design techniques for over 30 years which means, when it comes to creating custom apparel, we’ll ensure the same quality you’ve been relying on from our retail line.

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    Studying Away From Campus | Tips & Tricks

    Studying away from campus! Tips and tricks
    Well, we didn’t see this coming! In all of the preparation for finals week, a rare few were prepping to take finals off campus. How can you study the most effectively without dorm study lounges, the college library, and, most importantly, large groups of people all “studying” together? Let’s buckle down and look at some of the best ways to focus and create a couple good study habits for yourself!

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    Spring Break Destinations that won't Break the Bank

    Spring Break Destinations that won't Break the Bank

    Finally. You made it. The long, long weeks between starting the Spring semester and your first multi-day break from school are OVER. You’ve arrived at Spring Break and, as a college student, you can’t afford to go just anywhere. Why not strategize your spring break as brilliantly as you planned that hour gap between your afternoon classes so you have time to nap in the student union? These destinations take our votes as some of the best-bang-for-your-buck vacations. 


    It may seem obvious, but the easiest way to save money would be to stay put! Stay-cations are a great option if there’s not a whole lot of wiggle room in your budget and can become surprisingly refreshing. Imagine, not dealing with splitting up the cost of gas with your friends or debating on whether or not you paid someone back for the Airbnb. With a stay-cation, you have complete flexibility - balance time with friends also staying in town and having some guilt-free Netflix binging. We would also do a simple Google of local favorites in your town or a city nearby; you may be surprised how much you can find to do near you! Between restaurants you’ve been wanting to try, relaxing parks, and local shops, odds are you’ll find something totally new to love. 


    Tucked in the Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg is a tourist town to be sure, but filled with fun things to discover. The Great Smoky Mountains are a beautiful place to explore and there are many trails to hike. Bonus, you can even follow a piece of the famous Appalachian Trail! If you’re not big on nature, there are shops as well as oddity museums, aquariums, and more. Check out some of our favorite Comfort Colors tees to add to your packing list, they’d be a great option to go from hiking to shopping in the same afternoon. 


    The Big Easy is a city overflowing with culture, food, and new things to see. Why not use your week off of college to do a long walking tour of the Creole cottages and famous St. Charles Avenue mansions. Since sightseeing is free, we would recommend dedicating a large portion of your budget to food. Get authentic Cajun cooking and let yourself really relax, slow down, and enjoy the meals. New Orleans is a city unlike any other in the US and worth exploring! Be ready, rain or shine, with one of these great caps to add to your packing list. 


    All right, all right, for all you diehard beach bums, you’re most looking forward to doing zip on your break from classes. Look no further than PCB - with its soft sand beaches and affordable area, you’ll have nothing standing between you and the ocean. And since PCB is on the panhandle of Florida, not only is the drive considerably easier than many of the more southern beaches, but the water on the gulf will be warmer than the Atlantic. Grab yourself a tank and get out there in the sunshine. 


    If mountains are more your style and you find the Great Smoky Mountains little more than hills, give the Rockies a try. Nestled on the east side of the mountains is Colorado Springs, a town full of outdoor activities and beautiful views. Be prepared for both weather extremes (we’d recommend bringing a jacket along) and enjoy your days outside. With nearby destinations like Gardens of the Gods and the Seven Falls, you’ll have your fair share of beauty to explore. Also check out Glen Eyrie, a Tudor castle where you can have afternoon tea, and the Ghost Town Museum, that chronicles the local gold rush. 

    Happy planning! 

    The Best Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

    The Best Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

    via GIPHY

    Chances are you’re already a fan of celebrating your girl friends, I mean you’re in a sorority so obviously this means Galentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for you! So on February 13th grab some of your closest friends, make like Leslie Knope, and start celebrating! There are about a million ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day, here are some of our favorites: 

    Brunch (duh)

    Be honest, does anything top brunch with your girlfriends? You could always go out to your favorite brunch spot but we recommend a DIY brunch. Better yet, make it a potluck!

    Assign different things for everyone to bring like pancakes, a breakfast casserole, different juices, etc. and see what people come up with. Maybe they’ve got a favorite muffin recipe that their mom passed down to them or they want to support the best local coffee shop and bring everyone a drink - it gives them the chance to get creative and share something they love with their friends. 

    We also recommend asking everyone to come in their comfiest pajamas! There is nothing better than spending the whole morning munching on great food in some comfy clothes while you catch up with your people.

    via GIPHY


    Plan a Photoshoot

    Step one: Get everyone coordinating shirts (or go all the way and do matching shirts) like these. Step two: go to the dollar section at Target and get some fun props. Step three: make a killer playlist. Step four: set the self timer and your phone and start shooting! 

    I mean, is it even a Galentine’s Day party if you don’t post a bunch of pictures to Instagram with lovey dovey captions about how much your girl gang means to you? This will take those pics to the next level, I promise.

    Get Crafty

    You don’t need a man to get you flowers on Valentine’s Day, you are an independent woman who can make your own floral arrangements! 

    Head to your favorite craft store to buy a BUNCH of different flowers, some cheap vases, ribbon, and whatever else you want to add to make these arrangements pop. Then print out some inspiration from Pinterest for everyone to look at and you’ve got yourself a DIY floral arrangement party!

    Did Someone Say Pizza Party?

    That’s right, I said pizza party! Premade crust is your best friend in a pizza party situation so load up on those next time you go grocery shopping. While you’re at it, grab a variety of different toppings so that there is something for everyone.

    A fun twist on this is to shape your pizza crusts into hearts because, well, don’t your girlfriends have a pizza your heart? Bad puns aside, you really can’t go wrong with a build-it-yourself pizza and it’s not hard, I promise.

    via GIPHY

    Do a Secret Santa  Cupid

    Same idea as a Secret Santa but now it’s Cupid’s time to shine. Set a price limit, pick a theme, choose a name, and you’re good to go! Need some theme ideas? We’ve got you covered!

    1. Doing Galentine’s Day with your sorority sisters? Make it Theta themed or Tri Delta themed or whichever-group-you’re-part-of themed. Sorority stickers are all the rage and we’ve got some great ones right here!
    2. Get your girls to relax and choose a self care theme. Face masks, bubble baths, nail polish, a good book, the list could go on and on.
    3. Chocolate. That’s it, that’s the theme. 

    Whatever you decide to do for Galentine’s Day this year, we hope you have an amazing time with the amazing ladies in your life. Cheers!