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    Greek Life Blog

    Creating the Perfect Sorority Gift Basket

    Creating the Perfect Sorority Gift Basket

    Having a hard time deciding just what to get your little for big and little week? Is your Big graduating and you want to send her off with one last present? Or are you just looking for the perfect gift for your sister? Let us help you put together an instagram worthy gift for the special sister in your life with our take on a gift basket and why we think these products are perfect! 

    Step 1: You have to pick something to use as a gift basket. We love switching it up from a standard basket and using something that can be used even after the present is opened.  A tote is a super cute way to make your gift basket standout! 

    • Sorority Pink Striped Tote  - this tote is so versatile it can be used while traveling on all your sister getaways, to carry all your school essentials, or for the gym. 

    Step 2: Now it's time for some big and little gear!

    Every family has an aesthetic and we have a shirt to fit each one. If you don’t see one you love, we got you covered. Our custom team can help make your family the star of any chapter event. 

    Step 3:  Let's pick out some new sorority gear; 

    Step 4: Finally throw in some fun extras that fit your sisters personality; 

    Now you're ready to put all your items in the tote, snap a quick photo, and give it to your sister. We know that she will undoubtedly love the thought you put into selecting each item specifically for her.

    Happy Creating!


    Your 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

    Your 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

    Yep, it’s that time of year again!

    We know with 2020 being so…2020, the thought of the upcoming holiday season can be somewhat daunting, and this year especially, filled with uncertainty. But with each year it’s undoubtedly a chaotic, overwhelming time for everyone and we totally get it! So, let us do the work for you by giving you a leg up during shopping season. By that, we mean we’ve put together some of our top *and favorite* holiday products that will deserve a spot on anyone’s “nice” list!

    Your 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

     1. 2020 Limited Edition Holiday Ornaments

    It’s a Christmas staple and a gift that gives a personal touch. Whether you opt for the classic ornament or a personalized one, you can’t go wrong!

    2. Vintage Outdoor Quarter-zip

    If you’re looking for the perfect cold weather sweater to gift your student, you just found it. Our quarter zip isn’t too heavy which makes it great for walking to class. This sweater is made of 100% polyester, features a vintage gold zipper, contrast stitching, and your fraternity embroidered on the left chest. You’ll be sure to look sharp for any occasion!

    3. Champion Crewneck

    What’s more classic than opening up a box to find one of these sweatshirts on Christmas morning? Along with your student’s fraternity crest, this sweatshirt also features the brotherhood or sisterhood’s founding year in the group’s specific colors.

    *Please Note: This crewneck is prone to shrinking, so we highly recommend ordering a size larger than you normally would.

    4. Sewn On Letters

    Nothing screams “classic” quite like sewn on letters! Because, really, what’s more authentic and official than sporting your letters? We can’t think of anything!

    5. Charcoal Letter Beanie

    Stay warm on those chilly days by stepping up your winter hat game with this perfect cold weather accessory! Need we say more?

    6. Masks

    2020 just wouldn’t be the same without these! This safety-conscious, yet trendy style staple is one of our newest products customized to reflect your fraternity or sorority! (Did we mention it also makes a really great stocking stuffer?)

    7. Mystery Box: coming soon!

    Coming soon at Campus Classics, our mystery boxes may just be our best idea to date! These boxes are a perfect way to get unique and discounted fraternity apparel - check back in early 2021 for updates!

    8. Canvas Duffel Bag

    Perfect for any weekend getaway or overnight retreat with your fraternity brothers! Don’t forget, this product also has the option to personalize it with your fraternity member’s name or chapter.

    9. Sticker Sheets

    Laptops, tablets, water bottles, and phone cases! Oh my! It’s no wonder that stickers belong just about anywhere and everywhere! Grab a new sticker sheet today and show off your Greek life pride for your brotherhood or sisterhood anywhere on campus!

    10. Comfort Colors Tees

    Our holiday gift guide just wouldn’t be complete without these best sellers on it! Our Comfort Colors tees are a great last minute pick up for your student before heading back to campus after winter break. The tees are a relaxed and comfortable fit, and 100% pre-shrunk cotton that has been washed so many times during production it already feels like your college student’s favorite shirt! Our most popular designs are our Retriever Tees, modeled after our beloved office dog, Max. But we have a feeling our Patriot and Retro Alpine designs will come in at a close second this year.

    GreekXperience Review

    GreekXperience Review
    If you are part of a fraternity or sorority, you might be looking for the perfect software to revamp your recruitment and manage your chapter. You might have heard about GreekXperience and are wondering if it's worth it. Fortunately, this GreekXperience review has got you covered.

    Read more

    Say Hello to Max!

    Say Hello to Max!

    If you've followed Campus Classics long, chances are you've seen a good-natured golden retriever gracing our social media, catalogs, and t-shirts. That's Max, the best office mate and all around morale booster! We've documented Max's typical day, wondering for ourselves what our favorite co-worker does with his time.

    Max is a punctual employee, but that's what happens when your mom, the Campus Classics president, has to drive you to work. When he arrives, he's quick to give each person a hello and get a belly rub before he starts his day. After that, he's onto his favorite part of the day - his daily treat! Well, half a treat now, Max is watching his figure. 

    Then it's onto the next daily to-do: morning meetings! While he tries to be attentive, inevitably, the excitement of the morning has worn off by that point and he tends to nap through most of the discussion. 

    For the rest of the day, Max splits his time between modeling and networking among the employees. Max has been the inspiration for our retriever collection and is a social media star, featured every Monday on our Instagram #MaxMonday stories.

    We hope you enjoyed this brief insight into our favorite co-worker's day! To see more of Max, follow him on Instagram @campusclassics_max.


    Let's Talk About Custom

    Let's Talk About Custom
    When it comes to buying clothes, we all love to have a good go-to. You know how the clothes fit, what to expect in prices, and can depend on a standard of quality. Since Campus Classics started back in 1989, we’ve become a go-to in the Greek apparel market with a loyal customer base. We’ve been mastering our design techniques for over 30 years which means, when it comes to creating custom apparel, we’ll ensure the same quality you’ve been relying on from our retail line.

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