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    If you're familiar with Campus Classics, there is a good chance you're familiar with Max. He comes into the office with his mom, the Campus Classics president everyday and at this point we would be lost without him. Lots of companies are giving in to the office dog mentality but Max is more than just an office dog to us.

    Max is the model behind our best-selling Retriever Tee collection. Our Retriever Tees started in 2017 with the Crimson Comfort Colors Retriever Tee for the holidays and, believe it or not, we didn't think this shirt would do well. Boy, were we wrong! Now, in 2024, we have 14 Retriever Tees for both fraternities and sororities, and are constantly coming up with ideas for more. We've got Retriever Tees for all the major holidays, for showing off your Greek pride, and for embracing your academic side!

    Max is also an Instagram star! He is featured every Monday in our Max Monday stories. We have had numerous customers and followers reach out to us and say that Max Monday is the highlight of their day and they look forward to it every week. We have to say, we agree! 

    To top it all off, Max is a good source of motivation, relaxation, or clarity around the office - depending on what you need at that moment. He is always ready for a hug if you need some puppy love, ready to go outside and chase sticks if you need to get up and stretch your legs, and he's always ready to jump in on meetings, even if that just means snoring at your feet. 

    Max is what makes Campus Classics who we are; Max truly is our golden boy.