Ultimate Greek Gift Buying Guide



It’s that time of year again. The streets are lined with Christmas lights, there’s holly on every door, and your college student still hasn’t told you what they want for Christmas. Have no fear, our team at Campus Classics has put together a list of ideas for the perfect gift that you will love, they will use, and will make their Greek heart triple in size.

We've made our list and checked it twice, so we know these are the best!





If they’re a college student, the rules of fashion don’t apply to them. Instead of bringing a purse, they bring a backpack and a hot cup of coffee. Instead of preparing for class, well, the professor is just lucky they showed up. Instead of “dress to impress”, they head to class in whatever outfit they slept in the night before (we don’t judge). We understand the struggles of being a college student and have come to the rescue for mom and dad to find that perfect gift. Allow us to introduce, the comfort colors tee. Not only are these shirts comfortable to wear, but they’re also stylish. This shirt will allow your college student to pull those dreadful all-nighters, and head to class the next day wearing the same thing without looking like a complete mess. Every college student’s dream.




Capture the spirit of Christmas with our limited edition Fraternity and Sorority Ornaments. It may be a gift that’s small in size, but the memories and bonds they’ve created in the chapter they call home will last a lifetime. Let this ornament signify that and be a reminder that joining a Greek organization isn’t just for four years, it’s for life. These ornaments are also year specific, so the alumni members can receive this wonderful reminder as well.




Sewn-on letters are a timeless classic for Greek life and we offer the best in the industry! Our double-layered twill and quality materials are what make these shirts and sweatshirts the best of the best. We also offer customizable sewn-on shirts and sweatshirts. To sum it up, these items make a great gift for any fraternity or sorority student.




What’s something that all college students love? Dogs. What’s something that we can offer them? Shirts with our favorite dog on them. Max is our office dog and is the golden retriever featured on our shirts. When he’s not answering phones, he's assisting us in meetings. And by assisting we mean napping. Our retriever tees are one of our most popular items. It’s comfortable, stylish and unique. Give your college student the shirt that will make their brothers and sisters jealous.




Let’s face it, hats are a necessity. They keep our heads warm, they hide our bad hair days, and they look good. Class up this necessity with their favorite letters!




We understand that some parents don’t like using the “G” word, but we need to ease into it sooner rather than later. And although you may not want to think about it yet, these items can make great sentimental gifts. We know how hard your college senior has worked to get here, and we want to celebrate this achievement with you. Our customizable graduation stoles make for a great early graduation gift for both fraternity and sorority students!




Give them a gift they’ll love in the style you loved. Our retro designs are the perfect gift for the trendy college student. Our favorite items include the retro windbreaker, the striped vintage jersey tee, and the classic inside-out crewneck sweatshirt!




Fraternity and sorority members love flags. They’re used at almost every chapter event, they make great dorm room decorations, and they just look cool. Let your collegiate “throw what they know” by giving them their chapter flag this holiday season.




We love blankets. They’re a necessity and everything wonderful we all need this Christmas. Make their dorm feel warm and homey this winter with our Greek Lettered blankets.

We offer them for both fraternities and sororities, so everyone can get the best gift with their letters on it!