Celebrate Parents Weekend

fraternity parents weekendParents Weekend is an important date on the college calendar as well as for Greek life on campus. It's a great opportunity to show your parents just what Greek life is all about. Your mom and dad may have concerns about your being in a fraternity, particularly if they didn't pledge when they were in school. Parents Weekend is a chance to highlight your house's community involvement as well as the opportunities to share ideas and interact with guys from other parts of the country and even the world; which is an integral part of being in a fraternity.

What Is Parents Weekend

While each campus is somewhat different, most every college and university hosts some type of parents day event to help share their campus life with their mothers and fathers. Many schools incorporate some type of sports event as well as campus tours and concerts. Greek houses usually host open houses and special meals for parents.

Gifts for Parents Weekend

It's a nice gesture to give the parents taking the time to visit campus during Parents Weekend something to remember the event. An item with your fraternity's letters makes the perfect gift for your mom and dad to take home. Such gifts don't have to be elaborate. A coffee mug with your Greek letters can help them remember each morning the fun they had visiting you. A set of golf balls with your letters might be nice, especially if your organization is hosting a father-son (or mother-son) golf tournament during the weekend. Other good Parents Weekend gift choices include blankets or even a polo shirt--all with your Greek letters, of course. You don't necessarily want to be trendy when you're picking out a gift for the parents. Better to stand out by offering a well-made, thoughtful item that they can use.

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