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    Greek Life Blog — gifts

    Big & Little Reveal Day Shirts

    Big & Little Reveal Day Shirts

    You may be wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to the Big & Little relationship. We’re here to help share a little insight on your new big sister and what it looks like to be a little sister. So you’ve pledged and now you're trying to figure out just where you fit into your sorority. You’ve probably been on more sister-date’s than bumble dates in the last fews weeks in hopes of finding the Christina Yang to your Meredith Grey in your new family. Now it's time for the start of your big and little adventure, it's big-and-little week! You are now the center of your, for now, secret sister’s world. She will shower you with gifts, love, mystery clues, and all the snacks. You will probably spend your week channeling your inner Sherlock Holmes keeping tabs on all the potential bigs you have your heart set on for a clue to whom she may be. After one of the best weeks full of crazy costumes, chapter events, and don’t forget presents it's finally time for Big Reveal day. Also known in our opinion as “The best day ever”. It’s a time where your big gets to tell you and the whole world that she is taking you under her wing. We may be biased but our favorite part of Big Reveal day is the family gear you and your big will be sporting. Honestly who doesn’t love a good theme or reason to take an adorable instagram worthy photo.

    Here are a few of our favorite looks for reveal day; 

      Reveal day has come and gone and you may be thinking; So what can I expect from my big? She’s the person you could call in the middle of the night and can count on for something as little as a ponytail during a tailgate or the person who helps mend your broken heart. She will love you unconditionally no questions asked or judgement! She’s your guide for all things Greek life, she will know which professors to avoid, and the best coffee spot on campus. Your big will not just outlast every single crush, boyfriend, and breakup, but she will be your personal coach through each one. The big & little relationship can be one of the most meaningful relationships that you will gain in your 4 years on campus.  We personally think it is one of the best aspects of your sorority experience, just remember to let go of any of those pre conceived notions of who and what your big should be like and embrace the process of getting to know the girl who will undoubtedly be instrumental in your college life! 

       Looking for a gift idea for your new big or little head over to our blog all about Creating the Perfect Sorority Gift Basket! Drop below favorite Big & Little reveals! 

      Creating the Perfect Sorority Gift Basket

      Creating the Perfect Sorority Gift Basket

      Having a hard time deciding just what to get your little for big and little week? Is your Big graduating and you want to send her off with one last present? Or are you just looking for the perfect gift for your sister? Let us help you put together an instagram worthy gift for the special sister in your life with our take on a gift basket and why we think these products are perfect! 

      Step 1: You have to pick something to use as a gift basket. We love switching it up from a standard basket and using something that can be used even after the present is opened.  A tote is a super cute way to make your gift basket standout! 

      • Sorority Pink Striped Tote  - this tote is so versatile it can be used while traveling on all your sister getaways, to carry all your school essentials, or for the gym. 

      Step 2: Now it's time for some big and little gear!

      Every family has an aesthetic and we have a shirt to fit each one. If you don’t see one you love, we got you covered. Our custom team can help make your family the star of any chapter event. 

      Step 3:  Let's pick out some new sorority gear; 

      Step 4: Finally throw in some fun extras that fit your sisters personality; 

      Now you're ready to put all your items in the tote, snap a quick photo, and give it to your sister. We know that she will undoubtedly love the thought you put into selecting each item specifically for her.

      Happy Creating!


      Your Holiday Gift Guide

      Your 2019 Fraternity Holiday Gift Guide

      In the chaos of the coming holiday season, we’re all overwhelmed by Christmas shopping. Running between sales and stores, trying to keep every gift secret up until that magical morning, it’s exhausting. Let us give you a leg up on your shopping! As your Campus Classics Christmas elves, we’ve put together some of our top products that deserve a spot on the nice list. 


      Computers. Water bottles. Phone cases. Stickers belong everywhere and anywhere. Grab a new sticker sheet today and feed the college student obsession.

      Now available!  





      Perfect for upcoming fraternity formals and events, our silk ties are professional grade quality. Woven and classic, they’re a great addition under the tree.






       The ultimate favorite, our Comfort Colors tees are a great last minute pick up for your student before they head back to campus in the spring. Comfort Colors tees are relaxed and comfortable, i.e. perfect for all-nighters and those early morning college classes. With more than 30 designs available online, there’s sure to be a design perfect for every individual. They’re 100% pre-shrunk cotton and has been washed so many times during production that it already feels like your college student’s favorite shirt. Our most popular designs are our Retriever Tees, modeled after our beloved office dog, Max. 



      Our Nike Dri-FIT Performance Hat is embroidered with fraternity letters or symbols and it’s been a best-seller since day one. Its lightweight and goes perfectly with every vibe - casual, athletic, modern, you name it. It’s also the perfect gift for picky college students, great quality and solid style.





      Nothing says holiday season like road trips and traveling to see family and loved ones. Help your college student be ready for the upcoming excursions with our new duffle! It’s decorated with an embroidered twill patch and ready for every adventure. 






      Every year is a milestone and what better way to mark your college students best years of their life than through an engraved ornament? Detailed, durable, and the perfect final touch to your Christmas tree. Don’t forget to personalize it!






      With a Champion crewneck, you’re guaranteed lasting quality. This heavyweight crewneck is a throwback to an original classic and will soon become the go-to grab on a cool day. It’s one of our favorites this year and it’s timeless design will never go out of style. 

          *Quick note for sizing, we recommend ordering a size up as it does shrink! 





      Tasteful and top quality, our engraved leather wallet is a great gift for this holiday season! It even includes a separate, removable wallet for added convenience. Why not get a gift to last through the years, even beyond college?






      College is all about comfort and these joggers are here for it. With the quality of Champion and the detailed embroidery of their Greek group, these are classy AND great for lounging. What more could a college student wish for?






      A throwback essential, one of our other fall favorites is our embroidered classic beanie! It has detailed stitching in vivid colors perfect for the coming crisp weather. We would recommend pairing it with bonfires, hot chocolate, and snow days. Everyone needs their go-to winter cap - why not go for the best?






      This just scratches the surface of all we here at Campus Classics offer for fraternity gifts. Check out more ideas here in our online Fraternity Holiday Catalog, but hurry! The most wonderful time of the year is almost here!

      Ultimate Greek Gift Buying Guide

      Ultimate Greek Gift Buying Guide
      It's that time of year again. The streets are lined with Christmas lights, there's holly on every door, your college student still hasn't told you what they want for Christmas. Have no fear, our team at Campus Classics has put together a list of ideas for the perfect gift that you will love, [...]

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