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    Greek Life Blog — feel good

    What it's like to be a Sigma Chi Sweetheart

    What it's like to be a Sigma Chi Sweetheart

    I was elected as sweetheart of the Zeta Theta-B chapter of Sigma Chi in June of 2019. Before I was sweetheart, I had already been dating my boyfriend, who was a brother, for a couple years at that point. My chapter likes to typically pick a girl that has been dating a brother for some time, almost like a lavalier too. A lot of people have asked me what I “did” to be elected, and although some chapters hold competitions for sweetheart, my chapter just picks someone that has a genuine love for the fraternity and the brothers. Even before I was sweetheart, the brothers were some of my closest friends, many of which our friendship began before they were brothers. I admired their hard work ethic and helped them in many of their volunteering and philanthropy events, not because I wanted to be sweetheart, but because I genuinely appreciated them.


    I truly believe that getting close with this chapter changed my life for the better, even before being elected as sweetheart. The saying “surround yourself with people who can make you grow” definitely applies to myself. Seeing their amazing attitude and determination inspired me to similarly push myself to be the best. They have always had my back and I know with confidence they always will. Being that I am now a senior and have seen many new people join the fraternity and many graduate, the same happens with all the brothers. Through their years as active brothers I have had the opportunity to watch them grow in all aspects of their life. They walk out the doors with such confidence and pride in both themselves and their community. My favorite thing has been forming this close relationship with all the brothers and watching them turn into some of the best men I have had the chance to meet. I will continue to be astonished by everything they have accomplished and am so proud to call myself their sweetheart.


    This fraternity means the world to me. Those men have pushed me to be the person I am today, and I am so grateful to have grown beside them. They never fail to put a smile on my face, and they make me so proud to represent them. Their character is like no other and it truly reflects in the house and the way they hold themselves. The brothers are some of the most intelligent and compassionate men I have met, and their drive inspires myself and many others to similarly better themselves every day. I feel so lucky to have had an opportunity like this and am so grateful for all the relationships I have created.


    There are no requirements that come with the sweetheart title. Everything that I have done for them or with them has been simply because I want to repay the favor for all they have done for me, no different than any other friendship. One of my favorite events to help out with is the haunted house they do every year. They turn their fraternity house into a complete haunted house for families in their neighborhood and friends to enjoy as a philanthropy event. The brothers become characters in the haunted house and myself and a couple other girlfriends have lots of fun putting on all the special effects makeup. I also have had the chance to be a character in the haunted house along with a couple girlfriends as creepy dolls. Every aspect of the event is fun from making treats to sell at a bake sale, to setting up the house and putting the makeup on, to being a character in the house, and even deconstructing the house. This is by far the event I will miss the most.

    It has truly been an experience of a lifetime to be a sweetheart for such an outstanding chapter. I feel so lucky to have been surrounded by remarkable gentlemen and make some great friendships. There are countless things I have gotten to do and be a part of during my time all of which are completely unforgettable. Now being a past sweetheart, I look back and still feel an overwhelming amount of pride for the brothers watching them continuously tackle every goal they set for themselves. My advice to any sweethearts out there is to take time and smell the (white) roses, your time goes by way too quickly!

    Guest Author: Alexa Bartold
    You can connect with Alexa on her personal Instagram:
    You can connect with the Zeta Theta-B Chapter on Instagram: 


    Sigma Alpha Epsilon Founder's Day

    Sigma Alpha Epsilon Founder's Day

    It was Sunday March 9th, 1856 at the University of Alabama where 8 friends came together with a mission to create a legacy that we now know as Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE). They had the goal of creating a brotherhood that would strive to be the highest standard of friendship, scholarship, leadership and service throughout the lives of the brothers. These values still shine true in all that SAE stands for as much as they did in 1856. They have provided young men a community, guidance, culture, and the traits of becoming a true gentleman. So, let’s take a look at some of the most notable faces to join the SAE brotherhood. 

    Sam Elliott – After relocating to Los Angeles, he began studying acting at Cal State Los Angeles where he became a proud SAE. He also joined the California Air National Guard, 146th Airlift Wing while studying acting at Cal State. Most famously known for his roles in westerns and his distinct mustache, Elliot is a household name, starring recently on the Netflix Original “The Ranch”.

    William Faulkner – The 1949 Nobel Prize winner for Literature, joined SAE during his time spent at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss.). One of the most famous names in literature with a list of accolades such as his 2 Pulitzer Prizes and National Book Awards. The 3 semesters he spent at Ole Miss. resulted in the start of some of his poetry being published in the campus publication.

     Phil Jackson –  Being recruited to the University of North Dakota set Jackson on the path to joining SAE. After college Jackson was a 2nd round draft to the New York Knicks. After his career in the NBA, he didn’t leave basketball behind; he took on coaching for the CBA and BSN leagues. He eventually made his way back to the NBA when he became the head coach of the Chicago Bulls from 1987-1998. During his 9 years leading the Bulls, he won 6 championships, 3 of which were in a row! He eventually became the Head Coach of the LA Lakers, and in 2011, hung up his coaching shoes and didn’t return back to the world of the NBA until 2014, this time as the President of the New York Knicks.

     Ed McCaffery – This NFL wide receiver joined SAE while attending and playing football at Stanford University. While at Stanford he was named All-American his Senior year, which turned into much bigger accolades like the 3 Superbowl rings he proudly received in his professional career. With his playing years behind him, McCaffery is the current coach of the Northern Colorado University Football team.

    William McKinley – The 25th President of the United States, is among some of the most notable brothers. After graduating from Poland Seminary, McKinley became an honorary Sigma Alpha Epsilon member at Allegheny College and went on to play a major role in some key events in American history.

    David Spade – Well known stand-up comedian and American Actor, Spade got his start in the limelight on Saturday Night Live, which became the jumping off point for his successful television and big screen career. He joined SAE while attending Arizona State University.

    Byron Wilson - We can’t go without mentioning our personal favorite SAE Alum here at Campus Classics! Here are a few words from our founder; “I actually pledged SAE in the Spring of my senior year in high school—with 70% of the DePauw University enrollment affiliated and active in Greek Life recruitment on campus was competitive.  Watching my mom slowly lose her battle to breast cancer that first semester really affected my grades and focus.  Yet, it was the men of SAE and especially my fellow pledge-class brothers that rallied around and supported me after her passing just a few weeks into the second semester of that freshman year. Although I missed being initiated with all of them only weeks after her funeral--having the opportunity to be initiated in August later that summer at The Levere Memorial Temple in 1982 as an Honor Initiate was very impacting. The initiation ritual was performed completely by memory, led by the Supreme Council and further influenced my love for the fraternity and especially the sanctity, meaning and importance of the ritual. Eventually starting a small business [Campus Classics] four years after graduation in 1989 focusing on the Greek market was a direct result of my undergraduate experience at Indiana Delta! Indirectly, attending Leadership School’s for twenty+ consecutive years and extending Phi Alpha discounts to fellow brothers as they shopped the SAE licensed sportswear and gift items was a simple way to ‘give back’. My office and man-cave at home each have many SAE items that bring back memories of those special years!

    With such noteworthy members as these it is easy to see how there are over 340,000 initiates, 206,000 living alumni, 215 groups, and 12,000+ active members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. It isn’t surprising to see why so many have their hearts set on being able to wear the SAE royal purple and old gold! From all of us at Campus Classics, Happy Founders Day Sigma Alpha Epsilon, here’s to another 165 years of brotherhood!

    Here's What Greek Life Used To Look Like

    Here's What Greek Life Used To Look Like
    To a lot of parents and students not involved in Greek life, their terms and traditions seem foreign to us. And though Greeks and non-Greeks may have their differences, there is one thing we all have in common– old pictures of us back in the day with that awful hairstyle we all loved and that [...]

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