About Us

Headquartered in Indianapolis and home to over fifty-seven leading Greek letter organizations, Campus Classics, Inc. was founded in 1989 with the mission to bring quality sportswear and unique gift items to members of leading collegiate fraternity groups. Campus Classics first attended summer conventions and regional meetings throughout the country to market its sportswear and product line.

Its look was unique and the high quality of its products was immediately recognized. The demand for its product in this setting was realized. Through the mid 1990's and long before the Internet, targeted mailings and salesmen crisscrossed the country selling sportswear in chapter houses in roughly 25 states! Although, this approach was not entirely unique at the time; the desire to bring these items to market in a "licensed" environment with the approval of each headquarters was.

As "Greeks" themselves, our founders knew disregarding trademarks owned by these organizations was not right or consistent with their beliefs or ideals. Until Greek Licensing evolved in the late 1990's, the greater majority of these companies were not paying the same licensing fees Campus Classics had for almost ten years.

Twenty-three years later, Campus Classics and its mission have evolved, including the addition of in-house embroidery, screen-printing, laser engraving, talented graphic designers, and a deep "on-hand" inventory, shelved and ready to ship per group. We remain a dynamic, passionate and family-owned sportswear and gift item provider to the customers we serve. We are also committed to "building the brand" and enhancing the image, identity and initiatives of the client groups we have partnered with these past twenty years.

We work diligently manufacturing quality merchandise in an ethical and charitable environment and know our staff and service will exceed your expectations — in just twenty years we have shipped over a half million orders to customers all over the USA and Canada!